Meetings with Professor Yufang Qian of ZUMC

Professor Yufang Qian, Director of the Research Centre for Discourse and Communications (RCDC), Zhejiang University of Media and Communications (ZUMC), China, visited London from the 16 to the 18th January 2015. She attended three meetings with Interactive Media Britain, UVIC Group (UK Visa and International Education Centre), and China4Global. It was arranged by CCPN Global, and held at the UVIC Group office, which is located at the City of London. They were activities of academic engagements with professional and industry.

The first meeting was with Interactive Media Britain. Professor Xiangqun Chang (1st left) chaired the meeting.  Professor Yufang Qian (left middle) introduced programmes and projects that they currently are developing. They were joined by Ms Lindsay Liu (2nd right), TV Presenter & Business Development Manager, and her team members: Calvin Liu (1st right), Video Producer, Sven Chen (3rd right), Photographer, and Chloe Xie, who was graduated from the ZUMC. They explored issues of the postgraduates of the ZUMC visiting the UK as students, and a summer camp focusing on the themes of media and communication. The proposed research project on the impact of Chinese medical cultural and practice in the UK also came up in discussion.  Snow Wang, Jasmine Beijing-London, also attended the meeting.        

The second meeting was held with Ms Tanya Wang of UVIC. She is Senior Immigration Compliance Officer and manager Partner at the UK Visa & Immigration Centre, UVIC Group.  Picture above from left to right are Yufang Qian, Xiangqun Chang, Tanya Wang and Snow Wang.  Tanya Wang provided advice for visa issues of different kinds of visitors from the ZUMC to the UK.   

The third meeting was with CCPN Global’s volunteers. The left picture on the righthand size was with Ms Costanza Pernigotti, Assistant Translator of CCPN Global. She obtained an MA in Sinology at SOAS, University of London last year. She is now Assistant Editor of the Journal of China in Comparative Perspective (JCCP). The right picture was with Neil Clarke, student researcher and assistant editor at CCPN Global. He has just visited the ZUMC during Christmas holiday for two weeks.  He is currently participating in the development a programme to attract foreign students to take a gap year at the ZUMC via studying at the university or taking a job as a teaching assistant. Professor Yufang Qian had discussion with Costanza for future collaboration, and with Neil for feedback of his experience at the ZUMC in order to improve the programme.             

by Neil Clarke

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