Condolences for Professor Zheng Hangsheng


The Funeral Committee of Professor Zheng Hangseheng:

CCPN Global has learned with great sadness of Professor Zheng Hangsheng’s sudden death. As an Honorary President of the Chinese Sociological Association, Professor Zheng shifted his interests from philosophy to sociology in the early 1980s when he was a Visiting Fellow at Bristol University, UK. After returning to the Renmin University of China he founded the Department of Sociology, and the Center for Studies of Sociological Theory and Methods which became the National Key Research Base for Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Education. In the past three decades, Professor Zheng devoted himself to the study of Chinese sociological theory, methods and applied studies. He published more than 400 articles, and about 60 academic books including textbooks. His theoretical contribution has been summarized as ‘five theories’: social operation, social transformation, social mutual-construction, practice-structure theory, and localization of the sociological discipline. Methodologically, Zheng stresses the importance of re-evaluation, re-understanding and re-refining existing work, and promotes a principle of the careful handling of basic three pair of relations, such as sociologies between China and the west, history and current theory and practice. Zheng’s work has distinct characteristics from that of the famous Chinese sociologists Fei Xiaotong and Lu Xueyi, has enriched the academic achievements of the Chinese School of Sociology, and has advanced China’s social development and society building.

Professor Zheng’s death is not only a great loss to Chinese sociological and social scientific circles, but also a huge loss to CCPN Global. As our Academic Advisor, he attended our event to commemorate the centenary of Professor Fei Xiaotong's birth at LSE, he proposed a number of book series including the book series of ‘Understanding China and the World’, served as co-Editor-in-chief of this book series and wrote a Preface to it. He also donated a large number of books to us and encouraged us to introduce Chinese social scientists’ work to the world, and to participate in constructing human knowledge and building a global society.    

Finally, we wish to convey our deepest condolences to Professor Zheng’s family, colleagues and students at the Renmin University, and the Chinese Sociological Association on the loss of such a distinguished scholar.

CCPN Global
11 November 2014


        全球中国比较研究会惊闻郑杭生教授突然病逝,感到巨大的悲伤。作为中国社会学学会的名誉会长,郑教授早在1980年代初在英国布里斯托大学访问学者期间从哲学转向了社会学研究。之后在中国人民大学他先后创办了社会学系和社会学理论与方法研究中心 (教育部重点基地)。三十多年来,他致力于社会学理论、方法与实践的研究与探讨,发表了400多篇文章,出版60余部学术著作和教材。其理论贡献被概括为“五论”:社会运行论、社会转型论、社会互构论、实践结构论和学科本土论;在方法论方面,他强调通过对以往研究的再评判、再认识和再提炼,处理好三对基本关系:中国社会学与西方社会学关系、今古关系、理实关系(理论与现实和实践的关系),形成了与中国著名社会学家费孝通和陆学艺不同的特色,丰富了社会学的中国学派的学术成果,对中国的社会发展与社会建设起到了积极的推动作用。














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