Fei Xiaotong 费孝通

Fei Xiaotong or Fei Hsiao-Tung (November 2, 1910 – April 24, 2005) was a pioneering Chinese researcher and professor of sociology and anthropology; he was also noted for his studies in the study of China's ethnic groups as well as a social activist. One of China's finest sociologists and anthropologists, his works on these subjects were instrumental in laying a solid foundation for the development of sociological and anthropological studies in China, as well as in introducing social and cultural phenomena of China to the international community. His last post before his death in 2005 was as Professor of Sociology at Peking University. See more...

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费孝通(1910年11月2日-2005年4月24日),著名社会学家、人类学家、民族学家、社会活动家,中国社会学和人类学的奠基人之一,北京大学教授; 第七、八屆全國人民代表大會常務委員會副委員長,中國人民政治協商會議第六屆全國委員會副主席。见更多... ...


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