China-EU High Level Transultural Forum 中欧跨文化高峰论坛

The EU-China High Level Cultural Forum is an unprecedented platform for comprehensive communication between Chinese and European influential scholars. It is designed to be the framework for an open dialogue on the ancestral values of two civilizations, on their models of society, their different patterns of knowledge, epistemological, ethical and aesthetic. It has to be forward-looking, taking into consideration the changes in the world.

Over recent years, the need to strengthen and expand people-to-people contacts, intercultural dialogue, mutual understanding and long-term cultural cooperation has taken a more prominent place in EU-China relations. These developments have been encouraged by both sides, at the highest level, and under the support of Transcultura International Institute. During the 12th EU-China Summit in Nanjing, in November 2009, Premier Wen Jiabao and President José Manuel Barroso agreed on the importance of holding an EU-China Forum on Culture. Bringing together leading intellectuals from both the European Union and the People’s Republic of China, the High Level Cultural Forum hold in Brussels on October 6th and 7th 2010 has been one of the most important supporting events of the 13th EU-China Summit.

The scientific direction of the forum was entrusted to the Transcultura International Institute, founded in 1988 by Umberto Eco and Alain le Pichon. For the last 20 years the Institute has developed – along with its Chinese, Asian, African or Indian partners –an approach to reciprocal understanding and the methodologies that such understanding provokes. This involves considering the reality of the cultural strengths and resources available and suggesting scenarios of cultural and artistic exchange based on this principle of reciprocity.


  • EU : The International Transcultura Institute
  • CH : Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China

Academic programming:

  • EU : The International Transcultura Institute
  • CH : The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

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  近几年来,增进区域间的人际联系、沟通,促进两种文化之间的对话、理解与长期合作,已经成为了在欧盟-中国间交往的要务。这种加强区域间文化联系的努力得到了来自双方的共同支持——无论是双方的最高领导层,还是一流学府的研究机构(欧洲国际跨文化研究所,Transcultura International Institute)。2009年11月,第12届中欧峰会于南京举行。在峰会上,时任中国国家总理的温家宝与时任欧盟主席的巴罗佐(President José Manuel Barroso)就建立中欧文化高峰论坛达成了共识。2010年10月6日-7日,汇聚了中欧各国精英知识分子的中欧文化高峰论坛于布鲁塞尔举办,是第十三届峰会的主会场之一。

  欧洲国际跨文化研究所(Transcultura International Institute)对本论坛进行了学术指导,该机构于1988年由Umberto Eco和Alain le Pichon创立。过去的 20年里,在各位来自亚非地区的合伙人的共同努力下,该机构逐渐发展出一种互惠的理念及与之配套的方法论。这要求在考虑文化的现实性因素(力量、可获得资源等)的基础之上,基于互惠互利原则,提出双方文化、艺术交流的图景构想。


  • 欧盟: 欧洲国际跨文化研究所(The International Transcultura Institute)
  • 中国: 中华人民共和国文化部


  • 欧盟 : 欧洲国际跨文化研究所(The International Transcultura Institute)
  • 中国 : 中国社会科学院




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