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Communicating and interconnecting have become major priorities for nation-states in a ‘flattening’ world in the interest of encouraging national governments to build effective channels of communication with other states and their people. Contemporary China exemplifies many of these endeavors through the varied initiatives of the Chinese state in expanding cultural and public diplomacy through education, language, cultural exchanges and people-to-people contacts. Comparisons with similar efforts by other countries will highlight the nuanced contrasts with China in the role of state actors and national approaches.

‘The Belt and Road’ can be seen as a global initiative from China.  




在一个鼓励国家政府去建立与其它国家和人民有效的沟通管道的‘平面化’的世界中, 沟通和连结已经成为国家的主要优先。通过中国政府通过教育, 语言, 文化交流和人跟人接触去扩张文化和公共外交的各种行动, 当代中国展示了很多这些努力的例子。与其他国家的类似努力比较将显示在国家扮演的角色和国家处理方法上的微妙对比。


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