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2008-12-19 Department of Law - News|

2 December 2008. Dr Kleinheisterkamp receives funding for UNIDROIT PICC research Dr Jan Kleinheisterkamp has received a £5000 support from the HEIF 4 Bid Fund for knowledge transfer.

2008-11-27 HEIF 4 Bid Fund - Corporate Relations - LSE|

... HEIF 4 Bid Fund: First call for bids. The "HEIF4 Bid Fund" is a new competitive source of funding to support the LSE's efforts in knowledge transfer in the social sciences.

2008-11-25 media@lse alumni|

I benefited from the course, not only by acquiring more knowledge but by expanding my way of thinking. This proved to be a fantastic opportunity to transfer theories into practice and hone research skills and of course, included plenty of occasions.

2008-11-07 news|

The Memory Spot will rival RFID tags in carrying information on movable physical objects. The Memory Spot has a 10 megabits-per-second data-transfer rate and can store up to 4 megabits of data. IFIP WG 8.6, June 7-10. Transfer and Diffusion.

2008-09-25 News|

The broker will take the role of intermediary between researchers and research users by performing a wide range of communication and knowledge transfer activities towards research maximisation, ensuring that the research from the ESRC's portfolio.

2008-06-30 LSE helps to expand trade in Africa - News - Press and Information ...|

We intend to expand such programmes in Africa and other developing countries'. Sandeep Singh, Project Manager at LSE Enterprise, said: 'We see this programme led by the LSE and ECDPM as an important North- South knowledge transfer initiative.

2008-04-24 Going away... ? Stay in touch!!| [PDF]

Business use involving the transfer of large files or the streaming of high bandwidth multi-media content could adversely affect users. Duncan's previous customer service experience and PC technical knowledge.

2008-01-23 Volume Thirty-Two Number Seven 10 November 2003 - News & ...|

The project explores the roles of tacit knowledge, specific cases, and other processes and means of knowledge transfer between social sciences, between social and natural science, and between the academic and policy fronts.

2008-01-23 Volume Thirty Number Three 27 January 2003 - News & Views ...|

This proposes major changes to university funding, linked to access, research and knowledge transfer. It also advocates a deferred system of fee payment by students.

2008-01-23 Volume Twenty-Four Number Five 5 February 2001 - News & ...|

His work focuses of the role of R&D in economic growth, where his work with others emphasises the potential role of R&D in facilitating technology transfer.

2008-01-23 Volume Twenty-Three Number Nine 27 November 2000 - News & ...|

This is a multi-dimensional problem that has to be studied from an interdisciplinary perspective, using an in-depth knowledge of the Japanese ethos, national history, educational background and the sociology.

2008-01-23 LSE and Abbey sign support agreement - News archive - News - Press ...|

Santander Universities, pioneered by Santander, one of the largest financial groups in the world, is a scheme which establishes various spheres of collaboration including teaching and research, international cooperation, transfer of knowledge.

2007-12-20 BIOSNews| [PDF]

It serves as a forum to connect the London biotechnology sector for knowledge transfer, to promote London as a leading biotechnology hub and to act as gateway for companies and investors seeking business opportunities and partners.

2007-10-10 Dr Carsten Sørensen's recent publications|

Knowledge Management With Groupware: A Case Study of a Knowledge-Intensive Firm. ... 2nd IFIP WG8.6 Working Conference: Diffusion, Transfer and Implementation of Information Technology.

2007-08-30 Books Special Michaelmas term.indd| [PDF]

The author shows that diversity in knowledge is an asset of all communities, and dialogue between different forms of knowing constitutes the difficult Policy Transfer and Criminal Justice TREVOR JONES, TIM NEWBURN Open University Press.

2005-04-04 BSPS 84.doc| [PDF]

With our broad range of courses we try to address health issues that arise specifically within low and middle income countries. The courses are composed not only to transfer current knowledge, but also to enhance skills and abilities.

2004-06 LSE to receive £1.2 million for knowledge transfer projects ...|

LSE to receive £1.2 million for knowledge transfer projects. LSE's knowledge transfer expertise and research excellence has been recognised with a £1.2 million allocation from the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF).

2004-01-16 Children On-line: Emerging Uses of the Internet at Home| [PDF]

Open communication, as enabling more independent, self-directed searching for information as well as facilitating teamwork skills and transfer- able technological.

2004-01-14 The Reality of E-commerce with Developing Countries| [PDF]

What is particularly relevant for developing countries is the fact that the transfer of information over the Internet operates largely irrespective of physical location and that the basic hardware and software are widely available.




Page 7. 7 relationships and the transfer of information and knowledge and is an essential element in feedback processes. 2. Co-evolution ... Co-evolution in this context is associated with learning and the transfer of information and knowledge.

2008-12-14 Eve Mitleton-Kelly Dissertation| [PDF]

Furthermore, it is the degree of connectivity, which determines the network of relationships and the transfer of information and knowledge and is an essential element in feedback processes.

2008-12-12 081118 LUEG Minutes| [PDF]

For further information on this email Roberto Valle Kinloch (BIFM Research Associate) on roberto.vallekinloch@bifm.org.uk as part of the BIFM Knowledge Transfer Partnership; (d) that members email Andy Hix with their tips on green procurement.

2008-04-22 LSE London Development Workshops|

Using LSE's research strengths, extensive networks and reputation for contributing to robust public policy, London development workshops will operate to transfer knowledge and expertise from universities across the UK.

2007-12-03 RLAB: events|

2HD 03 December 2007 13:00 - 14:00. Learning and knowledge transfer in cooperative groups and competitive auctions Boris Maciejovsky.

2007-11-11 Management Practice&Productivity:| [PDF]

Within our sample, we find that the presence of multinationals within a region serves to assist in the transfer of best practice to local firms both, pos- sibly through the migration of employees and knowledge and through commercial interactions.

2007-10-18 Careers Events for MSc Management Students 2006|

December 3 Boris Maciejovsky (LSE), "Learning and knowledge transfer in cooperative groups and competitive auctions". The seminar programme is organised by Geoffrey Owen and Thomas Kittsteiner in the Managerial Economics and Strategy Group.

2007-09-28 Beyond Power/Knowledge an exploration of the relation of power ...| [PDF]

Beyond Power/Knowledge. We arranged to transfer her savings-this was, I suppose, technically a scam, though it'sa peculiar sort of scam since the government employs thousands of social workers.

2007-03-08 The Invention of Operational Risk|

Rogue traders, defective components, earthquakes, terrorism have created pressures for new configurations of risk management knowledge.

2006-10-20 London| [PDF]

Drawing on LSE's research strengths, networks and reputation for contributing to robust public policy, the London develop- ment workshops helped to transfer knowledge and expertise from universities across the UK at the point where policy formation.

2006-02-01 Nonlinear Analysis and Prediction Statistics from Timeseries and ...| [PDF]

http://www.smithinst.ac.uk/Projects/PD/RA-NERC Supporting information and related papers http://www.lse.ac.uk/collections/cats/ Knowledge Transfer

2006-01-10 Getting the Measure of Knowledge| [PDF]

Increasingly the knowledge kept inside is tacit knowledge, the kind that can't be codified. But this firm-specific tacit knowledge is increasingly the source of the firm's comparative easy to transfer all the data, most companies did so.

2006-01-10 Martin Heidegger one of the continental philosopher who was one of ...| [PDF]

A new network is envisaged to enable government introduce knowledge management, empower and connect government staff. For example, with the assistance of the Amir Program, the MoICT plans to enable "build-own-operate"and "build-own-transfer".

2005-12-13 Memorandum of Agreement Between The Center for the Analysis of ...| [PDF]

It will seek knowledge transfer and promote "market penetration" of these products, conduct economic and policy analysis, and design blueprints for actions and solutions to real social and economic issues in all regions of the world.

2005-11-30 May 2005 Brainstorming|

Professor Mary Morgan has investigated questions of knowledge transfer between economists and economic policy makers (Morgan and den Butter, 2000).

2004-06-15 Proposals for the 1st Research Workshop of the 2nd EPIC Cohort of ...|

Title: Innovation Through Knowledge-intensive Producer Services: Progress in EU and Perspectives of Experience Transfer to the Baltic States Author: Jurate Stanaityte University: Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania.

2001-05-23 EPIC 2 Cohort, 1 Advanced Research Workshop Corfu, 23 May - 30 ...| [PDF]

Jurate Stanaityte Innovation through knowledge-intensive producer services: progress in EU and perspectives of experience transfer to the Baltic States (revised version June 2001).

2001-03-19 Complexity Events|

We have to always assess 'intellect capital' in terms of knowledge transfer. Within a culture 80% of active knowledge transfer can be in the form of symbolic language.

Seminars and conferences


2008-12-12 Events|

Increase understanding of how research can be applied to inform policy and practice; - Explore alternative research/practice relationships; - Identify skills, tools and techniques for maximising the impact of research.

2008-12-07 The Incas FP6 Project|

A company's 'Intellectual Capital (IC) comprises all intangible assets that the company uses to develop, produce and sell its particular products and services, ie the staff's qualification and motivation, leadership and management structures.

2008-12-01 First Announcement| [PDF]

Symposia BRIDGING DISCIPLINES Perspectives of the European institutions on Bridging Key Concepts in Disabilities and Ageing Conceptual Tools for Building Bridges in Ageing and Disabilities Dissemination and Knowledge Transfer Bridging.

2008-11-26 The China-Europe Dialogue on Society: Preparatory meeting in North ...|

Mr. Pierre Calame is General Director of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for Human Progress, a Swiss-based international foundation, mainly devoted to the mobilisation of knowledge and experience to help face the major challenges.

2008-07-14 Press Release: Overwhelming response to LSE Asia Forum 2008 ...|

3: Controlling Knowledge: responding to contest and change in control over religious knowledge o Explored the control of knowledge, focusing specifically on the use of religious knowledge, both as a means of transfer of ideas and information.

2008-07-08 Risk Regulation, Accountability and Development - Previous ...|

By contrast, a growing tendency to see IP solely in terms of knowledge owners' rights may prevent developing countries from successfully exploiting ideas. While this does not preclude learning and policy transfer.


Attendance at a number of conferences and conducted informal interviews -social anthropological techniques. Self as Informant: Reflection on 40 incidents of knowledge transfer by researcher.

2008-04-15 Building Routines: Learning, Cooperation and the Dynamics of ...| [PDF]

Let ΓFI denote the corresponding game. Asymmetric Information: Parameters p and q are common knowledge. Player 2 knows ... munication is not explicitly considered (see Section 2.4 for a discussion) and players do not have the ability to transfer.

2008-02-26 Mission Statement|

In such a world where technological development is primarily the result of the application of skills, their transfer becomes crucially important. In Larry's own work, two dimensions of diffusion were emphasised.

2007-11-12 Varieties and the transfer problem: the extensive margin of ...| [PDF]

4 The traditional analysis of the international transfer prob- back-of-the-envelop estimates to model-based scenario analyses) of the forthcoming dollar depreciation build - to our knowledge.

2007-09-28 Financial Reform in China: what next?| [MS POWERPOINT]

Implications for the Global Financial System. Huge new competitors with regional/global ambitions: Adequately capitalised to operate overseas (probably); Supported by knowledge transfer from strategic shareholders.

2007-09-28 Speech by Mr Stephen Ip, Ag| [PDF]

Hong Kong and the Mainland. This gives our Mainland counterparts wider exposure to the practices of Hong Kong's professionals, thereby speeding up the transfer of professional knowledge, skills and expertise to the Mainland in areas.

2007-09-25 Knowledge transfer and Wealth Creation| [PDF]

Knowledge Transfer and Wealth Creation How to do it!!

2007-06-05 Blume Research Note CSRC 070516_revised 070524| [PDF]

17 Another example for lack of transfer of knowledge from development assistance relates to QIPs.

2006-12-07 Ian Diamond Chief Executive| [MS POWERPOINT]

Engagement with stakeholders. Strategic partnerships and collaborative funding; ESRC Society Today; 'Giving Social Science a Voice'; Science in society; Knowledge transfer.

2006-07-19 No Slide Title| [PDF]

Public Life Safety Dwelling Governance Page 7. Blueprint on Cities Urban Age Conference Series Knowledge Transfer/Web Urban Age Conference Series Film/Exhibitions Urban Age Conference Series Final Conference Berlin New York North America Shanghai.

2006-06-22 Education and HIV/AIDS Prevention:| [PDF]

We find that after two years the teacher training program had little impact on students' knowledge and self-reported sexual activity and condom use, or on teen childbearing. In order to avoid creating incentives for students to transfer.

2006-06-05 Conference 9: Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 9-11 May 2006|

Trajectories of Science and the Puzzle of Industrialisation - from 'Nature Knowledge' to 'Useful Knowledge" (PDF) Kent Deng, "Movers and Shakers of Knowledge and the Westernisation Movement in China during the Nineteenth Century".

2006-01-24 Introduction| [MS WORD]

At a time when constructivism has made analysts more attentive to the realm of ideas and power of language this paper has sought to direct attention towards a different, more direct form of knowledge transfer.


Key factors : Technology transfer,; Knowledge transfer,; Skilled labour force inrelated industries,; agglomeration economies; social infrastructure.

2005-11-24 This episode provides an opportunity to observe how potential ...| [PDF]

After 1922, when tariffs were raised to 60 percent, led to the last type of technology transfer: ownership.

2005-11-11 Old hypotheses:| [PDF]

Assets (especially knowledge-based assets) that the investor would transfer to the new affiliate (Anderson & Gatignon, 1986; Hennart, 1988).

2005-07-25 Centre for the Study of Global Governance, Discussion Paper 21 ...| [PDF]

Just as we need to recognize our administrative limits, we must recognize our knowledge limits. The problem is that once the transfer begins.

2004-11-25 Vertical Integration and Technology: Theory and Evidence∗| [PDF]

Decision rights over these investments cannot be transferred between the two parties, for example, because the investments require tacit knowledge or human capital. We denote the amount of ex ante transfer.

2004-06-21 16th Bled Electronic Commerce Conference| [PDF]

Cabo, P. (1999): "Industrial participation and knowledge transfer in joint R&D projects," International Journal of Technology Management. Vol. 18, Iss. 3,4; pg. 188-297.

2004-06-15 Ionian Conference 2000, 20-22 May Corfou Theme group: Technology ...| [PDF]

A person's skills and knowledge are assets that can only be owned by the person alone. In the absence of slavery, workers are not free to transfer ownership rights permanently to someone else.

2004-01-08 Development Research Centre Development Studies Institute| [PDF]

In the case of peacebuilding, efforts should be directed towards strengthening the capacity of government and civil society through the transfer of skills and knowledge.

2003-11-24 Regional policy design in a knowledge based economy: An analysis ...| [PDF]

Regional policy design in a knowledge based economy: An analysis of delocation, efficiency and equity.

2003-11-13 Structure of session The research undertaken and some details ...| [PDF]

University of Manchester, Post-16 Studies Unit Work Related Learning - Motivation and Attainment Transfer Explaining transfer.


Explaining transfer (3) Convergence between young people's wider social and cultural experiences and their experiences in the workplace Prior knowledge of the occupational area

2003-10-20 Working Smarter By Working Together: Connective Capital in the ...| [PDF]

(11) Σ Σ CCijHCj = φ(HRM) ii≠j Specific innovative HRM policies that promote knowledge sharing among workers. Question whether innovative HRM practices promote increased connective capital and more active transfer of expertise among production.


It has concentrated on measuring applied knowledge and skills in reading, mathematical and scientific. Successful pupils form the A stream can transfer to the gymnasia and there are similar opportunities for B and C pupils to move upward.

2003-06-09 Trade, Growth, and Technology Equalization| [PDF]

Because the rate of knowledge accumulation is treated as proportional to the stock of existing knowledge, the technology transfer enabled by trade raises the growth rates of all trading partners.

1997-12-03 Complexity Events|

For instance, our model recognises that communications between the A. B and C responsibilities can never transfer knowledge directly between peoples' minds. The model, therefore, exchanges and shares information at many scales to ensure decisions.



2008-12-20 Legacy Project|

Kybernetes, 33-9/10, p. 1411-1418. Knowledge is defined as the result of successful attempts to transfer expected effort in the future to effort spent in the present.

2008-10-01 Professor Frank Land's publications|

Land, F. (2004) "The Darker Side of Knowledge Management", The Software Practitioner,14 (5).

2008-09-16 Introduction - Information for academics - LSE Enterprise - LSE|

These services are important knowledge transfer mechanisms helping to ensure knowledge and skills developed in academia find practical applications in business and society.

2008-09-10 LSE and Africa| [PDF]

Natal and Pretoria in South Africa. From individual research links, through to departmental collaborations and research agreements, these networks are forging mutually beneficial collaborations for knowledge transfer and capacity building.

2008-05-09 LSE Climate Network - LSE|

Disseminate information on applied mitigation and adaptation
strategies and develop a programme of knowledge-transfer activities, including business roundtables, modelling seminars and policy briefings.

2008-02-15 Preliminary Research Findings Non Governmental Public Action ...| [PDF]

Case Studies: Policy transfer is a transnational policy process whereby knowledge about policies, administrative arrangements or institutions in one place is used in the development of policy elsewhere.

2008-02-01 Knowledge_economy_casestudy.htm|

Search History, Results, Display. 1, knowledge economy.mp. [mp=abstract, title, subject heading, geographic heading], 205, DISPLAY. 2, (knowledge or knowledge management or knowledge sharing or knowledge transfer).sh, 10335, DISPLAY. 3.

2007-07-20 CATS & IOC (UNESCO) Joint Programme|

It will seek knowledge transfer and promote "market penetration" of these products, conduct economic and policy analysis, and design blueprints for actions and solutions to real social and economic issues.

2007-02-27 NGPA Further Information Public Action| [PDF]

Disseminating research findings widely and in forms accessible to non-academics Evidence of policy impact Knowledge transfer Coverage in the media Building research capacity Projects in Action

2006-07-25 Sustainable Construction|

The remit of the funding scheme centres on the dissemination and use of research to facilitate better communication links and knowledge transfer between universities, industry, commerce, professions and policy makers.


What policies can speed up technology transfer (R&D, human capital, trade). How far can such models account for the dynamics we see in the data?

2005-07-01 Description of the programme|

To help us analyse these reception issues in our cases, and so provide more general answers to the overall question "How well do facts travel?", we adopt a number of theoretical and conceptual starting points from the existing literatures on knowledge transfer.

2004-06-15 Project Proposal| [PDF]

EMU requires greater political unity in this field. A further transfer of decision-making competences to the supranational level and the introduction. The thesis will con- tribute to the knowledge about alternative intergovernmental.

Papers, reports and documents


2008-12-21 Self-organisation as quality control in inquiry| [PDF]

Gerard de Zeeuw1 Abstract Knowledge is defined as the result of successful attempts to transfer expected effort in the future to effort spent in the present. The less effort remains to be spent in the future, the more knowledge is exhaustive.

2008-12-21 Designing a New Organisation: A Complexity Approach| [PDF]

Successful sharing of learning involved a sharing of values, trust, knowledge and experience. ... context. When the transfer of learning was successful in OldOrg, three Cs were always present: communication, collaboration and co-creation.

2008-12-16 Social Studies of Neuroscience Directory|

My focus is on dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, mild cognitive impairment, and psychiatric disorder, and emphasis is given to the transfer of knowledge across domains of activity including the basic sciences, clinical practice, advocacy groups.

2008-12-15 Information for ESRC award holders|

Neville Butler Prize 2009. Does your longitudinal research make a significant contribution to knowledge? ... Transferring your research. If you wish to transfer your research to a different institution you will need to request prior approval.

2008-12-14 Organisational Complexity: Organizing Through the Generation and ...| [PDF]

However if knowledge is an "ambiguous, unspecific and dynamic phenomenon, intrinsically related to meaning, understanding and process and thus difficult to manage" (Alvesson and Karreman, 2001).

2008-12-05 publications|

Carsten Sørensen was the lead LSE academic on this report available for download from http://www.mobilelife2008.co.uk Desouza, K., M. Nissen, & C. Sørensen (2008): Guest Editorial: Managing Knowledge Transfer in Distributed Contexts.

2008-12-03 India Observatory - LSE|

A hub to renew, engage and develop strong links with Indian academic institutions, government and corporate bodies to further knowledge exchange. Low Carbon Technologies: Development and transfer of environmental technologies.

2008-11-21 The order of technology: Complexity and control in a connected ...| [PDF]

The positive outcomes of an interconnected world, manifested in the rapid and effective processing and transfer of information across organization.

2008-10-22 This article appeared in a journal published by Elsevier. The ...| [PDF]

While Holmström and Roberts do not advance a specific or singular explanation for the phenomena they identify, it is clear that they regard organisational knowledge and infor- mation transfer as key.

2008-10-17 Figuring out Organizations| [PDF]

It is clear that they regard organisational knowledge and information transfer as key.


HONORARY & VISITING PROFESSORSHIPS 2002 - present Visiting Professor in Information Systems, City University of Hong Kong 2000-2001 Gemini Visiting Professor in Knowledge Management, University of St Gallen.

2008-10-01 iSCHANNEL| [PDF]

Seidler, V. (1998) 'Embodied knowledge and virtual space' in Wood, J (Ed) The Virtual Embodied. Here, the term adoption is defined as "the acquisi- tion of an IT application" (Davidson and Heslinga, 2007), which indicates the transfer.

2008-09-29 Quo Vadis Southeast Europe? EU Accession, Regional Cooperation and ...| [PDF]

Page 13. 9 knowledge transfers, importation of new production methods and processes, development of new products, etc) and speeding up economic restructuring).

2008-09-18 Maximizing the impacts of HSS research Final Report July 2008| [PDF]

For instance, is there a need for the funding councils to be able to financially support inter-disciplinary journals to better pool key information and boost knowledge transfer.

2008-08-20 Diversification and Reform| [PDF]

Table 4.14: GCC country rankings in Knowledge Economy Index (2007; rank out of 140 states) 57 LIST OF FIGURES growth that would reduce the impact of oil revenue fluctuations on the Kuwait economy, and allow the transfer of technology.

2008-07-23 Information Systems and Innovation Group - Departments, institutes ...|

Professor Frank Land: Information management; applications of IT; investments in information systems; technology transfer and management of change; policy issues; knowledge management, and ethics and information systems.

2008-07-08 ESRC Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation| [PDF]

Our comparative advantage is a social science analysis of these issues and the cross-cultural and cross-domain knowledge transfer this can offer. Professor Bridget Hutter Director, CARR Page 4. CARR Annual Report.

2008-05-23 MSc Dissertation Titles|

MSc Human Resource Management. Banking Management Stretch: Knowledge Transfer to Acquired Banks.

2008-05-23 1 Ethnography in the human conversation In the 20th Century, the ...| [PDF]

And, significantly, this movement of agency from ethnographer to informant and back again goes hand in hand with a transfer of knowledge.


Developed countries will need to take on immediate and binding national emissions targets, demonstrate that they can achieve low carbon growth, and transfer resources and technologies to developing countries.

2008-05-16 What do LSE's Government postgraduates do?| [PDF]

Other previous graduates have opted to transfer the skills they have developed as a Government student to alternative disciplines by studying.

2008-05-01 [SLIDE 1] The single monetary policy and the analytics of OCAs ...| [PDF]

Greater trade integration can increase growth by increasing allocative efficiency and accelerating the transfer of knowledge.

2008-04-21 The impact of Private Ownership, Incentives and Local Development ...| [PDF]

To our knowledge, this paper and an earlier study by Lach and Schankerman are the only studies of how monetary incentives affect performance in not-for-profit organizations, in this case universities.

2008-04-18 CATS Research Grants: Grant Details|

Total value: £152,481. Start/end date: 01/11/2005 - 31/10/2007 Summary: To set a basis for an innovative knowledge transfer mechanism between science base and users of the environmental predictions.

2008-04-07 CEP Discussion Paper No 861 April 2008 Private Sector Employment ...| [PDF]

New knowledge on these relationships helps in understanding the role of human capital structure and investments in the post-entry performance of establishments. The termination of all contracts of employment. The transfer of...

2008-03-18 Research Reports|

Awarding body: NERC NERC grant #: NE/D00120X/1 Total value: £152,481 Grant holder: Prof Lenny Smith Start/end date: 01/11/2005 - 31/10/2007 Summary: To set a basis for an innovative knowledge transfer mechanism between science base.

2008-03-14 The Lives of 'Facts': Understanding Disease Transmission ...| [PDF]

Just as life histories are stories full of interactions, surprises and struggles, this article shows the underlying contingencies in the dissemination and accumulation of factual knowledge. process of exchange, transfer, and circulation.

2008-03-06 Information Technology, Organisational Change and Productivity ...| [PDF]

"a. Implementation of new or significantly changed corporate strategies eg mission statement, market share, b. Implementation of advanced management techniques within your firm eg knowledge management, quality circles.

2008-03-05 The Nature of Evidence: How Well Do 'Facts' Travel? Funded by ...| [PDF]

Four PhD students have been working in the group this year (* indicates funded by the project). Albane Forestier: knowledge transfer networks amongst merchants trading the Atlantic Julia Mensink*.

2008-02-13 Commentators have for years| [PDF]

A simple look at the raw data suggests substantial evidence of home bias in the way that knowledge is transmitted: being geographically close does make knowledge transfer easier.

2008-02-13 CEP Discussion Paper No 850 February 2008 HRM Practices and ...| [PDF]

Wright et al (2001) propose a conceptual framework that links HR practices to knowledge management such as knowledge creation, transfer and integration which in turn shape core competencies.

2008-02-12 CEP Discussion Paper No 851 February 2008 On the Relative Gains to ...| [PDF]

Lower in the host relative to the sender country. If the cross-country transfer of skills is inefficient, then immigrants may be matched to jobs that are not suited. First, it may be that the transfer of skills is not perfect.

2008-02-08 Ricafe2 Working Paper-Cover_barrierstoexit| [PDF]

Discovery of something truly novel does demand a fair amount of random experimentation, of course along various dimensions narrowed down by preliminary knowledge. Competitiveness of emerging producers; decreases over time due to technology transfer.

2008-01-23 Reference guide to areas of expertise - Who's who - LSE Health ...|

Tony Barnett. K. Knowledge Transfer.

2008-01-09 Learnt it? - think again| [PDF]

Knowledge transfer and collaborative research. Research In addition to the DART project, in 2003, the two institutions invested $200k jointly to seed-fund research with faculty from both LSE and Columbia at the pre-major.

2007-11-26 Navarra, Diego D|

This research offers a distinctive perspective on the role played by the transfer of the technology of e-government and international development.

2007-11-15 Ricafe2 Working Paper-Cover| [PDF]

Introduction Universities and university researchers adopt three main mechanisms to transfer knowledge: conferences and scientific publications, training of skilled labour force, and commercialization of knowledge.

2007-11-14 Family changes: reports from LSE| [PDF]

Travel? project, funded by the Leverhulme Trust and the ESRC at the Economic History Department. Key themes to be discussed include the nature of evidence, interdisciplinarity and knowledge transfer.

2007-11-08 CEP Discussion Paper No 830 November 2007 Growth and the Quality ...| [PDF]

Domestic work force to adopt advanced technology. If the transfer of new technology and skills is one of the... Spillovers can occur through several channels.

2007-11-01 Harnessing success:| [PDF]

Private sector R&D (through 'knowledge spillovers') and encourages more of it to be done; it also leads to inventions that can be commercialised, either through licensing to private firms or via the formation of new start-up companies.

2007-10-25 IBSS Newsletter Issue 1Final| [PDF]

The ESRC thematic priorities were devised to enable the ESRC to respond to the most pressing issues facing the UK, and to ensure that knowledge transfer and information sharing was developing in the relevant fields within economic and social.

2007-10-19 Cornut, Francis|

This thesis describes the tumultuous development of a knowledge management program intended to enable the transfer of internal best practices within an organization.

2007-10-08 Strategic Plan| [PDF]

Poor competitiveness and low productivity by delivering better-educated workforce and through knowledge transfer.

2007-10-07 Creative Partnerships London|

When elements within varied social contexts promote a unique awareness within an individual's cognitive context, what results is more than the transfer of knowledge.

2007-09-25 ISChannel 07 final.pub| [PDF]

Future studies could re-examine the domain and definition of IS practice, explore innovative mechanisms of knowledge transfer and report on the positive actions taken to bridge.

2007-09-06 HIV-AIDS iin Zandeland - October 2006| [PDF]

Page 12. 12 inspired a diverse range of other scholars, from philosophers of knowledge to social historians (eg Horton, 1967; Thomas, 1971; Winch, 1972; Triplett, 1988; Jennings, 1989). Knowledge of transmission Page 18.

2007-08-30 ESRC Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation| [PDF]

Our comparative advantage is a social science analysis of these issues and the cross-cultural and cross-domain knowledge transfer this can offer.

2007-08-08 CEP Discussion Paper No 818 August 2007 Is Distance Dying at Last? ...| [PDF]

A third branch is based around using patent citation information as a direct measure of the transfer of knowledge. The citation of one patent by another strongly suggests that the first patent contained useful knowledge.

2007-07-25 1 Giovan Francesco Lanzara LIST OF PUBLICATIONS Journal Articles ...| [PDF]

2004 Making and Sharing Knowledge at Electronic Crossroads: The Evolutionary Ecology of Open Source Software Projects, 1979 Technology Transfer in the Italian Mezzogiorno: A Multicriteria Evaluation Method for Priority.

2007-07-24 Governance and Sustainability Working Paper Series Paper 1: Post ...| [PDF]

General recognition that the transfer of knowledge and skills within and between companies may be enhanced by increased corporate transparency. The relationship between governance activity and knowledge transfer.

2007-07-09 The Department of International Relations at LSE| [PDF]

And let thy feet, millennium hence, be set In midst of knowledge, dream'd not yet. This was followed by other annual conferences on subjects such as Latin America and the political economy of development, East-West technology transfer.

2007-06-29 Vanessa Weyrauch|

Due to its ongoing activities that aim at strengthening other CSOs´capacities to influence policymaking through the use of evidence and research, CIPPEC will be able to quickly transfer this knowledge to diverse CSOs in the country and region.

2007-05-24 Euro Observer Winter 2003| [PDF]

Knowledge transfer is complex; decision making is never a simple linear process whereby information from knowledge producers and others informs the policy making process.

2007-05-15 Life-Cycle Investing in Theory and Practice| [PDF]

Asset allocation is a complex procedure requiring much knowledge and years of training. ... As these new financial instruments transfer more responsibility and choice to workers and retirees, the challenge is to frame risk.

2007-04-13 Working Paper No. 037| [PDF]

The Second Period Since the second period is the final period, knowledge transfer and rep- utational status at the end of this period do not play a role.

2007-04-04 CEP Discussion Paper No 785 April 2007 Productivity Growth ...| [PDF]

Second, modern theories of MNEs are built on the assumption
that MNEs can better transfer knowledge within the enterprise than other like firms, see eg Markusen (2002).

2007-03-15 On the Causes of Increasing World Poverty and Inequality, or Why ...| [PDF]

Third, tacit knowledge transfer is bigger the shorter the physical and cultural distance; and some other forms of transactions costs fall in the same way.

2007-03-15 Francesca Beausang| [PDF]

This gap is either due to the market, which is unable to transfer knowledge between firms or to the firm, which fails to accumulate it at a fast pace (Ciborra, 1991, p. 56).

2007-03-15 Working Paper Series LSE Development Studies Institute| [PDF]

In agriculture, which was seen to be the key to producing surplus to invest for industrialisation, the transfer of information and technology.

2007-03-15 This paper is about North-South relations| [PDF]

Significant resource transfer from developing countries to developed countries (Maskus 2000; May ... UNCTAD sought to codify developmentalist rules for patent regulations and technology transfer.

2007-03-12 KNOWLEDGE FLOWS IN INTER-FIRM R&D NETWORKS John Hagedoorn Hans ...| [PDF]

The networkeffects that foster knowledge transfer remainrather ambiguous inthese studies as dyadic andstructural measures are

2007-03-08 SkipHome | Help | Search | AZ site index | LSE for You|

Haereni T and Sigholt E (1995) 'A perspective on IT and knowledge transfer', Proceedings of the Third European Conference on Information Systems 701-720, Athens, Greece (ISBN 960-306-128-X)

2007-02-26 Fiscal Instruments: Scoping Stage| [MS WORD]

On the other hand the wide diversity of approaches that can arise when initiative is left wholly to local initiatives can make it more difficult to develop sustainable strategies and effectively to transfer lessons.


When they enter a region without full knowledge and understanding of the socio-political environmental context. We believe that the Association Contracts harm national sovereignity; there is no technology transfer.

2007-02-19 Discussion Paper 37| [PDF]

At a microeconomic level, direct technology transfer, contagion, and knowledge diffusion.

2007-01-25 The Literacy Hour| [PDF]

Insufficient attention to the systematic teaching of an effective programme of phonic knowledge and skills (OFSTED, 1996). It was thought that standards in the teaching the project. 17 For example, there was no formal transfer of information.

2007-01-25 Urban Property Crime| [PDF]

Our paper extends the evidence base by providing estimates of the influence of innovations to a pupil's peer-group at the time when they transfer from Primary to Secondary schooling in England.

2007-01-09 How Special Is the Special Relationship? Using the Impact of US ...| [PDF]

The mecha- nisms underlying this technology transfer are poorly understood, however, and microecono- metric evidence on the quantitative importance.

2006-11-24 Rwanda: the costs of conflict for subsistence households in brief. ...| [PDF]

The episode of displacement lowered the returnees' level of know-how, but also that the imidugudu policy did not allow for transfer of skills. One way of doing this would be to provide agricultural knowledge and training.

2006-11-19 The Impact of Uncertain Intellectual Property Rights on the Market ...| [PDF]

From a modeling perspective, f can be interpreted as the costs associated with the transfer of knowledge and ∆ as the potential "boost" to the value of the innovation.

2006-10-13 Preferred research topics and staff research interests|

The relation between social science knowledge and city ... Social constructions of science and technology; technology transfer and technological upgrading in developing.

2006-10-11 Boosting Innovation and Productivity Growth in Europe: The hope ...| [PDF]

South East Asian countries, such as Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and more recently China, have successfully managed to increase return migration of their scientists back from the United States. This allows the transfer of knowledge and research.

2006-10-03 06_0315CCS A5 Report INNER| [PDF]

What are the global processes and impacts of non-governmental public action? All three dimensions deploy an international, comparative approach that aims to develop theory, enrich empirical knowledge, and co-produce knowledge amongst researchers.

2006-09-28 Useful links|

Also aims to promote cooperative economic and social development in the European region, partnerships and networks and the transfer of information and knowledge. The observatory was set up to promote research and knowledge about voluntary activity.

2006-06-22 E-Clusters in the E-Society: the case of the digital content ...|

To explore extra-firm interactions and networks with particular attention to the transfer of tacit knowledge and 'soft' information To highlight the similarities and differences within the digital content industries.

2006-05-17 CEP Discussion Paper No 723 May 2006 Basic Research and Sequential ...| [PDF]

Given this "family- tree", invention k is classified as an offspring of invention i, even though knowledge did not transfer directly from invention i to invention k.

2006-05-09 CEP Discussion Paper No 721 May 2006 Knowledge Flow and Sequential ...| [PDF]

Given this "family-tree", invention n is classified as an offspring of invention l, even though knowledge did not transfer directly from invention l to invention l.


So the transfer of tacit knowledge consists in the imitation of physical gestures.

2006-03-29 How the Mind Works| [PDF]

Primarily interested in latitudinal transfer of specialist knowledge.) Burnham is pessimistic about the project (but for different reasons to knowledge transfer conflates the worldview (or "message") of science with science's technico-epistemic.

2006-02-13 A Review of Literature in Order to Explore Best Practice in the ...| [PDF]

This is attributed to the rapid development of technology, which means that the required knowledge is more complex than for other subjects; an issue which is likely to transfer to the adult sector with the application of a curriculum.

2006-01-24 Nul Points to Europe's Non-Proliferation Policy| [MS WORD]

21 Treaties like the NPT do explicitly forbid the transfer of nuclear weapons knowledge (see Article IV-1 and IV-2), but most allow for and even encourage the transfer of peaceful, or civilian, nuclear knowledge.

2006-01-10 The Knowledge Ecology of Open Source Software Projects| [PDF]

Standardized interfaces Documentation Parallel versions & modules Free accessibility Multiple agents Quantity of threads New problems New solutions Knowledge transfer across lists Selective participation

2006-01-09 Business and Community| [PDF]

THE TRANSFER OF KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE. It not only illustrates how our academics engage with business and community wherever they are based, but also draws attention to the important role of advisory boards in facilitating knowledge.


Computerisation of health data storage, manipulation, linking, searching, transfer, and other processing continues to increase.

2005-07-25 Centre for the Study of Global Governance, Discussion Paper 21 ...| [PDF]

Not only that globalization is proceeding much faster than our ability to manage it, but that the "wealth, health, knowledge and digital divides continue to widen". But actually, it is rooted in past practice: that we should only transfer.

2005-07-14 BICCHI ARENA| [PDF]

7 Unreflexive transfer of knowledge and of patterned practices is 'normal', as exemplified by the number of similarities among institutions across the world.

2005-07-13 CEP Discussion Paper No 695 July 2005 Cities in the Developing ...| [PDF]

Knowledge (the kind that cannot be easily codified in to blueprints) in the self discovery process strikes a chord with urban economists who have long seen such knowledge as playing a key role.

2005-06-16 From Idea to Blah!| [PDF]

In contrast to Rogers' (1983; 1995; 2003) focus on knowledge transfer, in our case the innovation process needs to be seen as a process of mediation, interpretation and reshaping of technology to deliver services to the customers.


Then follow the more dynamic gains from trade and FDI, such as technology transfer, adoption of international standards of best practice etc..

2005-04-12 Annual Review 2003-2004| [PDF]

We have looked at the roles of trade and foreign direct investment as factors driving technology transfer, narrowing technology.

2005-03-04 Wu-Wei in Europe. A Study of Eurasian Economic Thought| [PDF]

Overall, the effect of Pope Clement's policies was a transfer of Southern Jesuit knowledge to the United Provinces, during the 1770s.

2005-01-27 BOOKS (Authored)| [PDF]

Unemployment and Wages in the OECD from the 1960s to the 1990s', in Phillipe Aghion, Roman Frydman, Joseph Stiglitz and Michael Woodford (eds.), Knowledge, Information. 2. E. Berman and S. Machin, 'Skill Biased Technology Transfer.

2005-01-17 Working Paper No| [PDF]

Some of them were reinforced by the international contacts within the region (such as the transfer of agricultural knowledge from China to Japan).

2005-01-17 GEHN January 2004 Irvine| [PDF]

The speed and ease with which Japan and later East Asia acquired radically different sets of knowledge and skill makes it possible. It was not a simple matter of the transfer.

2004-11-27 Hilary Steedman and John West present a manifesto to raise ...| [PDF]

Experience indicates that there might be 15 to 30 variants in all; s embrace "relevant" academic knowledge, broadly inter- preted. Because of their evident transfer value, we see merit in maths and English at level 2 being certificated.

2004-11-17 CEP Discussion Paper No 659 November 2004 How Special is the ...| [PDF]

However, the mechanisms underlying this technology transfer are poorly understood, and micro-econometric evidence on the quantitative importance of the international spillover process remains thin.


This is the necessary preface to economies of scale and the dynamic gains from openness (transfer of technology and skills).

2004-11-02 CEP Discussion Paper No 656 November 2004 The Internationalisation ...| [PDF]

Abstract With increasing globalisation of knowledge, there are increased opportunities to 'learn' from the experience of policy interventions elsewhere. What role have economists played in the transfer of policy across national domains.

2004-09-30 *Pensions brochure| [PDF]

Different providers of research funding and between researchers and policy-makers bring huge benefits for our stock of knowledge about productivity. Outsourcing and technology transfer Technology and globalisation appear to be creating a shift.

2004-09-17 CEP Discussion Paper No 649 September 2004 Foreign Ownership and ...| [PDF]

17 production facilities within countries. Another potential mechanism is the transfer of knowledge from foreign affiliates to upstream domestic component suppliers.

2004-09-13 Hot Jobs in Cool Places. The Material Cultures of New Media ...| [PDF]

Its seminal science park has been shown to be important as a technology 'incubator', and agent of technology transfer.


At the beginning, innovative firms and start ups do not have these abilities. They need expertise to acquire knowledge and technology. Technology transfer programmes contribute to achieve it.

2004-06-15 "The active role of ESF and ETF - answer for effective EU ...| [PDF]

The ETF acts as a catalyst for new approaches of projects, which main priorities are to encourage the Europe-wide transfer of knowledge.

2004-06-15 Public Investment in R&D: Does public investment in R&D in lagging ...| [PDF]

Do we focus on transfer policies from the core to the periphery? Which are the plans for the future?

2004-06-15 Marta A. Ballesteros PhD Candidate University of Santiago de ...| [PDF]

6 knowledge -of producers and buyers - and the development of a competitive commercial strategy. The three Galician Universities, provide Technical Attendance and Applied Investigation, as well as technologies transfer to the fishing sector.

2004-06-15 Ideas and Interests in the Construction of EMU Andreas Gofas, July ...| [PDF]

How to analyse the role of ideational entrepreneurs and transfer 2 Cox (1981) argues that this is one of the purposes of critical theory. For the purposes of this project, the EMU ideas are defined as knowledge structures.

2004-06-15 The Transformation and Integration of Innovation Systems in the ...| [PDF]

Tively without knowledge of the nature of the process by which systems integration."Technology transfer to transition countries: are there lessons from the ex- perience of the post-war industrializing countries?"

2004-06-15 EPIC RESEARCH PROPOSAL Ideas and Interests in the Construction of ...| [PDF]

For the purposes of this project ideas are defined as knowledge structures that serve to structure and inform the way European policy-makers think about i) cause-effects. There were actually three ideational transfer mechanisms at work.

2004-06-15 EPIC First Cohort List of participants Theme 1: Innovation in ...| [PDF]

Elvira Uyarra Delgado Institutional design for innovation and technology transfer support policies.

2004-06-15 Fine-tuning foreign investment: Differentiating FDI and portfolio ...| [PDF]

"A variety of country and industry-specific factors" which prevents from establishing any "automatic mechanism to ensure a technology transfer (Ibid, p. 45). ... 1999).

2004-06-15 The European Political Economy Infrastructure Consortium EPIC| [PDF]

Comparative research is frequently not valued in many disciplines; and it is sometimes hard to find faculty with enough knowledge on the subject to support and evaluate comparative research. Science disciplines and transfer these, where feasible...

2004-04-21 FINAL TEXT 19 april 1500.doc| [PDF]

What done in 2003 has been empirical work on the roles of trade and foreign direct investment as factors driving technology transfer, narrowing technology.

2004-01-25 Measuring geographic inequities in the Portuguese health care ...| [PDF]

We also believe it is important to improve knowledge of health insurance and care outside the NHS. This transfer of the technology of capitation methods raised number of questions [30]: What modifications are required to apply capitation methods.

2003-12-08 Corporate R&D and Productivity in Germany and the United Kingdom| [PDF]

By the e¢ciency of public-private technology transfer mechanisms. Thus, in one country may undertake less R&D because they achieve their desired marginal product of investment in new knowledge.

2003-11-07 Technological Innovation and Economic Performance in the United ...| [PDF]

A proportion of total employment was higher than any other G7 country (see OECD, 1999, Table 2.6.1). This is important in terms of stimulating technology transfer. Overall investment in 'knowledge' (defined by OECD to be the sum of R&D).

2003-07-14 Abstract This paper investigates whether there is convergence in ...| [PDF]

Productivity growth through technology transfer. We also find evidence that increased foreign presence within an industry raises the speed of convergence to the technological frontier.

2003-03-13 " accessKey="" href="javascript:link(0,'',http://www.c-sand.org.uk/Documents/oklc2003%20-%20Final.pdf,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,'0',0,'',)" name=ALINK0 itabindex="0" anchorName="">


Notions of knowledge; a recent influential review of technology for knowledge management provided a definition of such knowledge management solutions as "IT systems developed to support and enhance the organisational processes of knowledge.

2002-10-02 " accessKey="" href="javascript:link(0,'',http://www.c-sand.org.uk/Documents/e-smart2002_Salford.pdf,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,'0',0,'',)" name=ALINK0 itabindex="0" anchorName="">


In practical terms accessing and distributing knowledge via ICTs is difficult, ICTs frequently become inhibitors rather than enablers of knowledge transfer [Swan et al, 1999], [Sorensen & Snis, 2001].


There were other issues highlighted during the interviews including waste reduction
on construction sites which can be achieved through off-site construction; project
de-commissioning; management of sustainability knowledge ie its creation


A recent influential review of technology for knowledge management provided a definition of such knowledge management solutions as "IT systems developed to support and enhance the organisational processes of knowledge.

2002-05-06 Connecting Systems of Innovation| [PDF]

How and to what extent Soviet-style innovation systems were capable of 'learning from capitalists' through technology transfer projects.

2002-02-19 Literature review for C-Sand: Knowledge Management| [PDF]

McAdam and McCreedy (McAdam and McCreedy 1999) suggest that "perhaps knowledge transfer in organisations is much more complicated and convoluted that this simple matrix suggests".

2001-09-11 Abstract Acknowledgements| [PDF]

The knowledge spillovers emphasized in the innovation literature
are now dependent on other firms undertaking R&D activity.


Russians very often want to know what is the foreign experience in a particular issue. The transfer of this knowledge is an obvious task for us to perform.

2001-01-25 What are good neighbours worth?| [PDF]

There will be social benefits if there are externalities in production, whereby the productivity of others is increased by association with more educated workers - by more productive work relations, by direct transfers of knowledge.

2000-10-11 Abstract The rendezvous search problem asks how two unit speed ...| [PS]

The rendezvous search problem is that the players cannot see each other and receive no information during the search process (except of course the knowledge. Note that in both problems the case m ? 2 may involve transfer of information.


The standard of the German tests of technical knowledge and of mathematics was judged to be well above the building trades craft level in Britain. Externallyset and marked tests in occupationally-related technical skill and knowledge.

2000-02-22 Complexity Events|

Max Boisot has worked on the problem of knowledge transfer in terms of the categorisation of information and how it diffuses as a function of the way it is abstracted from situations and codified.

Without specific date

Second, an AIDS-related death may reduce knowledge transfer of agricultural techniques,leading to poorer farming processes (Barnett and Blaikie, 1992; Gillespie and Kadiyala, 2005).

Professor Emeritus Frank Land Department of Management; Information Systems and Innovation Group (ISIG) Experience keywords: management of change; policy issues; curriculum development; knowledge management; technology transfer.

Page 1. 1 Knowledge, Development and Technology: Internet use among voluntary-sector AIDS organisations Page 2. 2 Abstract Knowledge is frequently invoked as an explanatory factor in the relationship between technology and development.

Page 1. 1 Embedding expertsystemsinsemi-formaldomains: Examining the boundaries of the knowledge base Edgar Albrecht Whitley socio-technical view of information systems. From this basis it examines a number of problems that limit the construction.

... The strategic drawbacks of such a policy for a host region are two-fold; either
the investor is attracted elsewhere after a short period, or/and, there is little
or no technology, or knowledge, transfer to the region

However, she was able to transfer her knowledge to the engineers by using the phrase "twisting stretch" to provide a rough image of kneading, and by suggesting the strength and speed of the propeller to be used in kneading.

Abstract This paper presents an explorative study of knowledge management in architectural practice. Knowledge is managed in a project-based, multi-profession environment; what challenges are facing knowledge management in this environment.

The unit oversees a range of knowledge transfer and other external activities involving wide engagement with business and policy-making communities.

Project quality can also improve as a result of strong accountability and an intimate knowledge of local conditions. Social fund supervision of direct contracting should become a process of technology transfer by the fund to the community.

To create technology transfer, "linkages can be powerful channels for diffusing knowledge and skills between firms (UNCTAD 2001: 129)."

This research offers a distinctive perspective on the role played by the transfer of information and knowledge resources as well as critical infrastructure.

Funding and Job opportunities


2008-11-27 HEIF 4 Bid Fund: First call for bids|

2004-06-15 LSE to receive £1.2 million for knowledge transfer projects| from the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF2).

2008-09-15 JSR_07_159a PS| [PDF]

Experience of event organisation Experience of servicing committees Knowledge of web management Experience of using large databases A good standard of two languages in addition to English Knowledge of the European Credit Transfer System.

2008-08-22 Job Description| [PDF]

Job Summary: Working within the Conference & Events Office, the Knowledge Transfer Events Executive will support the School's Knowledge Transfer Strategy.

(Edited by John Qi Dong)


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