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How to use Delicious?

One of CCPN members made CCPN part of his bookmark collection. If you go to Delicious and type CCPN in the search bar you will find there are a few CCPN pages. You can go through this page to find our CCPN, but the easiest way is to click on one with China and it will bring the China in Comparative Perspective (CCPN) up right in front of you.

There are three items on the page you can share with their collections of bookmarks, go through each of their collections, view chart, click many soft keys which will take you to different areas to expand related info.


The websites and blogs are in use while they are being built 本网站和博客均在'边建设边使用' 中

The above title is adapted from the China's development style in order for you to share our resources in a timely fashion. There is still a huge amount of work to be done. Your understanding, participation and generous support are highly appreciated!

为了与您及时分享我们的资源, 我们采纳中国发展的'边建设边使用'的做法,尚有大量的工作待做, 真诚地感谢您的理解、参与和慷慨赞助!

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