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As one of the China-Europa Forum's European local partners, the China in Comparative Perspective Network (CCPN) set up a related column, 'China-Europe Dialogue on Society'. The CCPN welcome the China-Europa Forum's object of equal dialogue between Chinese and European societies, which can deepen our understanding of both (see Introduction to the China-Europa Forum), and successfully held the Northern Europe Regional Conference (UK, Benelux and Scandinavia), the meeting for preparation of the China-Europa Forum 2009: 'China-Europe Dialogue on Society' (see China-Europe Dialogue on Society).

We will also participate in its activities in an ongoing fashion (see below), in accordance with the CCPN Knowledge Transfer Strategy, especially the 'A Vision for Science and Society' from the DIUS (Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills). It especially promotes 'public dialogue', describing it as 'a form of deliberative participatory engagement where outcomes are used to inform decision making', and thus 'a core activity for government in its role as policy maker'. It also supports the British Academy's response, which focuses on 'enhancing dialogue on science in public debate', No.1 of the three issues.  

I. Thoughts and ideas from France and from the China-Europa Forum       

II. Conference proceedings or media press  

III. A list of documents and selected papers or topics from previous Forums

IV. The 'China-Europe dialogue on society: preparatory meeting in Northern Europe for the third biennial of the China-Europa forum (Oct 2008, London)'

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V. Five sets of workshops

VI. Newsletters      

VII. Actions for the 3rd China-Europa forum in 2010 (Hong Kong), format and workshops

S23 Migrants and ethnic minorities
     S23a Place and social integration of internal and external Migrants

    T232 - Urban migrants exclusion / inclusion

S31 Executives and Business managers of big Multinational Companies
    S31a Role and responsibility of Company Chief Executives
    S31b Role and responsibility of Distribution companies
    S31c Business managers and professionals training to responsibility
    S31d Managers in globalisation - International mobility
S32 Executives and Business managers of SME and family business
    S32a Globalisation and local, domestic SME
    S32b Role and responsibility of SME Chief Executives

T16 Dialogue between societies
     T16a The challenges and advantages of Euro-Chinese dialogue and
     intercultural dialogue
     T16b Nationalism and cosmopolitanism

T21 - Evolution of population, demography, family and family policy, gender relations and relations between generations

T23 - International and domestic migration; urban and countryside relations; mobility policies

T32 - Management of big companies; international economy
    T32a - Management problems facing European and Chinese multinationals
    in the process of globalization
    T32b - How to set up effective promotion strategies to attract investors in China
    and in Europe?
    T32c - How to improve technology transfer between China-European Enterprises? 
    T32d - The role of multinational companies in the implementation of social
    rights in hosting countries

T32e - The future of the automotive industry

T35 Economic and territorial development of cities and countryside
    T35a The future of rural areas in China and Europe
    (see full detailed report WT34 full  details from the previous forum)
    T35b Fair trade between rural and urban areas 
    T35c The polarization of development; regional development

T41 - Urban governance 
    T41a - The design of cities and urban governance 
    T41b - Protection of urban heritage or conservation and renewal of old cities 
    T41c - Trajectories of cities and regions in Europe and China :
    managing the relationship between growth, equity and sustainability 
    T41d - Sustainable urban development

T46 - The participation of citizens in the management of society
    T46a The participation of citizens in the life and choices of society
    T46b Internet and citizen participation, and the change of social comportment - behaviour?
    T46c Role of inhabitants in the management of urban communities
    T46d New concept of active citizenship  

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