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The China Europa Forum has its own website: which contains a huge amount of information in interactive and ongoing fashion.  Based on the CCPN's interests we summarise related info below to introduce the China-Europa Forum  in the hope this helps you to understand our role in acting in it as one of our public engagements.    


China is fast evolving into a new world power − in a "peaceful rise" as implied by the Chinese TV series The Rise of Great Nations − yet the historic time for the creation of great powers is already gone. International relations are less and less the monopoly of States. Large companies have come to play a major role, and universities are part of international exchange networks of programmes and research while the society itself is now tasked with enhancing understanding between populations and thereby meeting the challenges of the future.

As a public arena for thinking and action, the China-Europa Forum helps the two societies as they undergo fundamental changes to gain better insight into themselves in all their diversity, and each other.

About the China-Europa forum

The China-Europa Forum (formerly 'China-Europe Forum') is unique in focusing on 'society' amongst many forums concerned with China and Europe. An independent initiative, the Forum has gradually sparked the interest and involvement of a wide variety of institutions in China and Europe: European bodies, regional authorities, universities, chambers of commerce, etc.

The Forum was born of the meeting of two ambitions: that of the Association of Chinese Intellectuals in Europe to deepen understanding between China and the West, and that of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation to foster a global community based on new social, political and institutional regulations. 

In her closing speech of the 2nd Forum in Brussels in 2007 Professor YU Shuo, an anthropologist on transcultural studies and the General Coordinator of the China-Europa Forum, described the Forum as 'a public space for communication, an experimental field for transcultural perception, and a practice of global governance. ...It tries to treasure diversity and to transcend the competition of national sovereignty, ideological opposition and culturalist narrowness stemming from the 18th century, and to explore a synergic relationship in the global civil society and its governance.'

She asked 'Can the two great civilizations of China and Europe unfold a deep dialogue engaging all walks of life that in the processes of globalization face a common crisis: one that involves ethics, environment, energy, institution, and governance?'. She went on to suggest that 'we should mine the governing wisdom and ethics of all ages to build a platform for mutual understanding, elevate the sense of identity of humankind, embrace our common human fate in life and death, and join together to guard the earth, our only home.'

  • Click HERE to see the full text of the speech in Chinese
  • Click HERE to see the English version of the speech

Spirit of the Forum - dialogue

The China-Europa Forum is a forum for dialogue:

        Dialogue is the expression of diversity and of unity
        True dialogue is built over time
        The dialogue is inclusive and plural
        Dialogue begins with everyone's individual experience

  • Click HERE to see Forum Charter which offers ethics, objectives and working procedures
  • Click HERE to see Professor Edgar Morin's view on 'Dialogue assumes equality'

Workshops to enhance dialog

Dialog takes place within workshops, i.e., work groups made up of Chinese and European participants representing the diversity of their societies.
Every workshop is designed as an area of reference around a theme. It is a place:

  • to confront ideas;
  • to explore issues raised by globalisation for China and Europe in-depth;
  • for comparative resources on China and Europe.

The workshops are either socio-professional - including people and institutions from the same field wishing to deepen their mutual understanding and to pool their thinking on their role and responsibilities in society; or theme-based - for players interested in thinking about the same theme.

Related information

In this section you can have all information about former biennial meetings and all reference documents about the forum.

  • Click HERE to see general info for the 1st China-Europa Forum 2005
  • Click HERE to download the 2005 Forum Proceedings 'L'Europe, c'est pas du chinois!' (in French, also available in Chinese)
  • Click HERE to see general info for the 2nd China-Europa Forum in 2007
  • Click HERE to see a list of themes covered by the 2007 Forum
  • Click HERE for Video Report from BBC Chinese website
  • Click HERE to download The Media coverage in China (English-Chinese version). You can also download it from its old website, or obtain a hard copy by contacting the China-Europa Forum's regional conference local partner, CCPN coordinator Dr Xiangqun Chang: .
  • Click HERE to download the plaquette of the 3rd China-Eorupa Forum.


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