MARGINS/CENTRES: A workshop in honour of Professor Stephan Feuchtwang

In honour of Professor Stephan Feuchtwang’s retirement the Department of Anthropology organised a workshop on 27-28th June, convened by Professor Charles Stafford.  Two social events were held in conjunction with the workshop. They are a buffet supper on the 26th June at Charles’s home, and a departmental end-of-year party which simultaneously functioned as a party in honour of Stephan in the evening on the 28th June at the Seligman Library. The above events were by invitation only.

16 academics and PhD students from China, Norway, University of Cambridge, UCL, University of Westminster and LSE presented their work. More than 30 people attended the two-day workshop. It ended with Stephan comments.


MARGINS/CENTRES: A workshop in honour of Professor Stephan Feuchtwang

June 27th & 28th in the Seligman Library


10:00 - Coffee

10:30 -1:00 SESSION ONE

Michael Rowlands (UCL) - on the Cameroon grasslands as a center

Susanne Brandtstadter (University of Oslo, Norway) - on two 'marginal' islands in the Taiwan strait

Charles Stafford (LSE) - on the American heartland

Harriet Evans (University of Westminster) - on marginal temporalities and the history of Beijing

1:00 - Lunch

2:30-5:00 SESSION TWO

Heonik Kown (LSE/Cambridge) - on centring the periphery and its dangers: lessons from North Korea

Shih Fang-long (LSE, Taiwan Programme) - on maiden death and changing social norms

Rita Astuti (LSE) - on concepts and their relation to words

Hans Steinmuller (LSE) - on centering as spatial and moral practice in China and elsewhere


10:00 - Coffee

10:30-1:00 SESSION ONE

Michael Scott (LSE) - on discourses about cannibalism and contested boundaries

Chang Xiangqun (LSE, China in Comparative Perspective Network) - on migrants from BRIC countries to the UK

Laura Bear (LSE) - on recentring capitalism in a neoliberal shipyard on the Hooghly

Kimberly Chong (LSE) - on outsourcing in China and logics of production

1:00 - Lunch

2:30 - 5:00 SESSION TWO

Zhang Hui (REmin University, China) - on emotion as a marginal topic in Chinese studies

Piers Vitebsky (University of Cambridge) - on Pagan, Christian and Hindu styles of marginality in tribal India

Liu Xiaoqian (LSE) - on elderly people in China as both margin and centre

Cathrine Furberg-Moe (LSE) - on peripheral nationhood: being Israeli in a border town

6:00 - End of workshop & end of year party

Photo news including social events

A social events was held at Charles’s home on the 26th June

Charles and Stephan made speeches at the social event on 26th June

Miranda (Stephan's wife) talked about her husband

Collogues and friends at the party

The workshop was held on the 27 and 28th June

The workshop 1/2

The workshop 2/2/

Q & A session 1/5: Charles chaired the workshop

Q & A session 2/5

Q & A session 3/5

Q & A session 4/5

Q & A session 5/5: Stephan also made comments at the end of the workshop 

End of workshop & end of year partystarted at 6pm

Deborah, Head of Department, gave a speech on Stephan  

Charles made a toast to Stephan

Everybody and Stephan enjoyed the party

At the end of his thank-you speech Stephan said, ‘I love you all’!


(1) A huge thank to Charles for organising such wonderful and memorable events from CCPN.

(2)  Thanks also to Hans for his suggestion of making this page, and Zhang Hui for her taking some photos.

(3) Apologies for some photos are not clear because all the photos were taken without flash. 



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